Pam’s Story

18 months ago, I’d been saving for nearly a decade to buy my first home in London and property prices kept increasing.

To be honest I didn’t know anything about mortgages and property and didn’t even understand what the point of mortgage advice was. I thought you either had money and got a mortgage or didn’t. It wasn’t something I’d ever learned about and owning my own place had seemed unachievable for a long time.

Key Solutions had helped my nephew and I thought I would check to see if they could help me. I called and that same day had a call with Max May who told me about different options including help to buy and described the mortgages that were available based on my circumstances in simple language. He went through the personalised calculations for repayment and interest and helped me compare it with what I was paying in rent, patiently talking me through the numbers.

Max is really kind and took the time to explain to me in a way I could understand and followed up with an email with a mortgage offer in principle as I was seeing a flat the next day. I was really surprised at the possibilities available, and how quickly it all happened (having built it up into an impossible task in my mind).

Max properly listened to what I was looking for and helped reassure me (I had lots of worries). He’s very personable, lovely, genuine, and responsive and it was easy (and hugely beneficial) for me to put my trust in Max and his advice.

Max helped me get the best mortgage offer…

…and helped me look for flats, advised me on questions to ask, issues to look out for, different leasehold arrangements and how to put in successful (and strategic) offers on properties.

He recommended options for solicitors, surveyors and insurance but was never pushy and always had my best interests at heart. He is an expert in all things mortgage and property and has masses of common sense too – really useful for dealing with sellers and estate agents!

He was hugely encouraging and guided me through changing interest rates, stamp duty policies, even estate agents living up to their stereotype and he always personalised everything to my situation. I found I could rely on Max to get in touch when anything was going on that could have an impact on me, for example changes in government policy.

It felt like the privileged service a high net-worth individual would enjoy, not someone working for the NHS. I’m so grateful that I had Max on my side.

The quality of service was consistently superb throughout a prolonged period.

It was fantastically good value and I highly recommend it. I’m so grateful to Max who consistently went above and beyond.

There were issues along the way which Max supported me with. My flat has commercial properties on both sides and Max knew the lenders to approach and how to get the best result for me. He linked in with management company of the new flat as there were unusual lease, unpaid service charges and major work arrangements. Max managed to get to the bottom of these and advised me how to navigate. He gives considered and sound advice and kept pushing things along with the estate agent and my solicitor which saved me so much time and stress.

Max even managed to sort a mortgage extension for me when the seller took ages to send over information and didn’t give notice to their tenants in time.

I know I wouldn’t be living in my first property without Max and Key Solutions.

I’m a single parent and work long hours, often I wouldn’t have time to do viewings or follow up and having Max supporting and advocating for me every step of the way made all the difference. I can honestly say (in NHS language) that I felt incredibly cared for. The service from Max and Key Solutions went far beyond anything I would have imagined a mortgage advice service would provide.

Thank you so much!

Pam x”

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